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Havoc Haven CM Helen Keller

DOB: 7/04/13    
Registered: AGS, ADGA

Pattern: Gold and white

Eyes:  Blue

Sire: Rocking K Farms Cookie Monster

​(Grailquest Farms BamBam x Daisy Hills Baby)

Dam: Dav-Lyn Boggy Woggy
(Woodhaven Farms Leviathan x Dav-Lyn Jazz)

If you have been following Neves 2 a while, you know one of our sons, Shane, has special needs which led us into Nigerian Dwarfs. Thanks to a farm friend, Kris, who felt we were a good fit, we are also home to a special registered Nigerian Dwarf named HAVOC HAVEN HELEN KELLER. Kris nursed Helen through an illness when she was a baby, but the illness left Helen blind. She has her own pen here at Neves 2, with a companion, and she lives a very happy life where she does everything a goat should!!! She trips once in a while, or falls over something, but she gets up and runs full steam ahead every time! Her tail is always up, she tilts and wiggles her head around like Stevie Wonder, and she loves to “stim” by trotting circles in her pen!!! Helen is the BEST mother and adores having babies to take care of. Helen’s first baby, Annie, is a member of our herd. They look alike and throw the same beautiful kids.

We’ve placed no limitations on Helen’s life, and therefore it’s only fitting that when it’s time for her babies to grow and go to their own herds, their full sale costs will be donated to our local Special Needs Athletics group—NO LIMITATIONS. (https://facebook.com/NOLIMITATIONSWaco/)

***Her babies will come already Registered, named after role models in the special needs world. 

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