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 All available stock will be listed in our "What's Available?" photo album on the Neves2Goats facebook.

KIDDING SEASON will begin with posts on our Neves 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats Facebook Page.   As kids arrive we try to announce the births in  "Our Baby Book" photo album.  Once we are through the chaos of deliveries and catch our breath, we evaluate kids, choose who to retain, and take individual photos! 

We post sale stock individually in our "What's Available?" album. They will be listed with a nickname and a tattoo number.  Our babies are each picked up daily for friendliness!

PRICES:   Registered bucklings start at $200.  Registered doelings start at $400.  Variations in price may be due to genetic lines, physical traits, etc.   We are careful to price fairly for our market, especially given the quality and care put into our stock.  We do not offer discounts for purchases of multiples.

RESERVATIONS:  We accept reservations with deposits by PayPal, Venmo, or ApplePay, with name/tattoo number noted.  If using PayPal, please add 3% for their transaction fee.  Message us to confirm the goat you want is not already reserved, and to request our PayPal/Venmo/ApplePay ID.


DEPOSITS / PAYMENTS:  Deposits are $100 each.  Deposit is refundable ONLY in the event of a health issue popping up before pick up.  Remaining balance is due in full via PayPal, ApplePay, or CASH on the agreed upon pick up date.  Again, if using PayPal, please add 3% for their transaction fee.

PICKUP:  At this time, in the interest of farm biohealth and social distancing, all pickups will be at the GREEN ENTRANCE GATE under the Neves 2 sign.  Babies will wean between 8-10 weeks.  Weaned babies and adults must be picked up within 2 weeks of purchase/ready date.  Please message us if you must cancel an agreed-upon pickup date!  Generally, there will be a 7 day extension.  After the 7 days, a $5 per animal/per day boarding fee will be charged, to be paid weekly.  

HEALTH:  Animals are vaccinated, given coccidia prevention, and wormed (if of age/needed), and must appear healthy to leave our farm.  Due to varying stress of transport and lack of control on future care, we cannot offer health guarantee past point of sale.  Any health issues which arise AFTER the goat leaves our care is the sole responsibility of the buyer.   While we may offer ideas on goat care via social media or in conversation, we are not veterinarians and do urge you to consult your own vet for a final decision on all animal care.  By completing your purchase and taking the animal off our property you are accepting the condition of the animal and agreeing to be responsible for its care. Note: Goats are herd animals.  You MUST have 2 or more.  A lonely goat will cry, be needy, and suffer a lowered immune system, depression, and sickness.  

HORNS / SCURS:  All our kids are DISBUDDED or naturally POLLED.  

We DO NOT recommend mixing disbudded/polled stock with horned stock, as it puts them at a disadvantage (especially at feeding times).  SCURS are a wiggly horn growth that does not attach to the skull like horns do.  They are common after disbudding (especially on bucks) but can be easily removed at your vet's office if you are not comfortable with them.  Scurs also pop up in polled lines, despite the goat NEVER seeing a disbudding iron.

LINEAGE / ADDITIONAL DETAILS:  Parents and pedigrees will be listed in the Facebook Photo Albums and also on the Neves 2 website, in the menu on top of page.  Please note that as goats mature they sometimes change color and physical characteristics.  We can make NO guarantees on these aspects.  

OUR GOAL:  We are striving for friendly, healthy goats, who will serve their new families for the long haul.  We believe in full honesty on all descriptions, so each goat can find its best home and our customers can feel more at ease with their purchases.  Our assurance to you is that we will constantly evaluate and work to improve the care and genetics of our breeding stock to benefit the offspring.  Thank you for the faith you place in us!

CONTACT:  The easiest point of contact is messaging us on the Neves 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats Facebook Page.  Second option is to email us at   (We rarely accept phone calls because they tend to be excessively time consuming and interrupt our work schedules.)


HWY 31, Hubbard, Texas 76648

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